Thursday, October 11, 2012

Therapy Session

For the last 3 months I've been adding some 'doodle babble' to the hubcap I received from and here's my finished piece.


I used an Ultra Fine Point  Sharpie®, a silver Sharpie Paint Pen and my trusty Koh-i-nor Rapidograph. I decided it was necessary to coat the final piece with clear Rust-O-leum with the hopes of preserving the design for a little while. I wish I had more experience with spray paint. I tried to follow the advice I received from Dave, of CPC Powder Coating, which was to lightly spray the piece with a layer of overspray first, wait 5-10 minutes & then spray normal but I accidentally got too close to the piece and blurred some of the design. I have no way to correct this error. It exposes my inexperience. I hope my creativity overshadows my technical flaw. I hope they will still include it in their online gallery.

So, what's it about anyway?

Well, I decided to title the piece "Therapy Session" because it is the best description I could come up with to explain the mish-mash of doodles. It reflects the random things that crossed my mind this summer as I worked on the design. A big part of the design is the anxiety, anguish & frustration of having life's challenges thrown upon us, against our will. Then there's just a lot of filler, just like life. 

Topics include but are not limited to:

  • Cancer. Lots of cancer. Polyps, nodes, cysts, you name it. My dear friend Marilyn had to endure treatment for a hearty dose of thyroid cancer. She is in the clear now and feeling back to normal but it made me sad, angry, frustrated & helpless. 
  • Anguish 
  • Solitude/Escapism
  • Confinement
  • Motherhood
  • The Aurora, Colorado movie theater shooting
  • The 2012 Olympics
  • Heroism