Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Delilah's Garden

UPDATE!!! The Scarf is Now Available!!!

Delilah's Garden Printed Silk Scarf

The Backstory...

Front Row Society is a unique fashion company in that artists compete to have their designs used to make unique fashion accessories.
As with most things in my life I wandered into them by accident. Poking around on flickr one day, I was admiring the work of fellow Spoonflower designer, Akwaflorell, and saw she had some designs up for vote at Front Row Society. I followed the link but the voting was already closed for that contest. So, I spent some time investigating what the deal was & how can I get in on it?

The upcoming contest was to be 'Bohemian vs. Bourgeois'. I thought I'd give it a try.

I got out the pen and started drawing.

Again, I tend to work backwards on things, I felt the design needed some color. Plus, they recommended a color palette. I tried to follow it best I could with my watercolors and created an approximate color layer to be combined in photoshop.

Worked some photoshop magic and voila! Here is the design before creating the repeat.

Full view of the repeat as I hope it looks as a finished scarf.

To my great surprise, the team over there felt my design was worthy of their Spring 2014 collection!
I couldn't be happier.

Oh, and Akwaflorell won for four of her designs! So, you should check her stuff out too!
See all 20 winning designs here!