Saturday, May 18, 2013

Bathing Suits 2014

Over at Front Row Society they are hosting a new contest and this time it is bathing suits!!! The theme is African textiles.

I drew my inspiration from the African Daisy for 2 of my entries, then a stylized leaf for my 3rd entry.

Design One

As usual, I started with ink on paper.
I created the repeat then decided on 3 different color ways.
Daisy Rhythm in Pink
Daisy Rhythm in Blue
Daisy Rhythm in Red

Design Two

I rearranged the pieces to create a new pattern, a bit more flower-like. Again in 3 more color ways. This time I neglected to choose a unique name for each design. 
Daisy Burst

Daisy Burst

Daisy Burst

Design Three

I drew out some stylized leaves.
Then I created a simple pattern and stuck to the color green.
Please follow the link below each design to cast your vote for your favorite(s).
Thanks for reading my babble!